The Carters (Jay Z & Beyonce) – SALUD!

The Carters (Jay Z & Beyonce) – SALUD!

After release of the extended “APESHIT” music video as the first single of the project, “SALUD!” almost surfaced at the same time as a non-album single.

“SALUD!” produced by our long lost friends Cool & Dre, is less scrappy than “APESHIT.” Instead of asking for recognition, they have apparently already earned: “SALUD!” she has in cruise control, their arms comfortably relaxed on the upholstery. Bey refers to hubby as ‘Hov’, where Donald Trump’s criticism is mentioned in the same breath as general trollery. Man and woman assure each other that they can stop it as long as they have each other, in the light of all these absurd remarks.

The couple will be on their way through an autumn tour through this album and their extensive catalogs. OTR II has been in the making since spring, all signs that indicate it are as ambitious as the previous ones. Beyonce and Jay-Z are in legacy mode, in case you have not noticed it yet.

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